The Cell Specialists Mail-In Repair Order

Mail WITH your phone to (Insured and Trackable Mail Service Recommended):

The Cell Specialists
Attn: Repair Department
1515 E. Fletcher Avenue
Suite D
Tampa FL 33612

Date: ___/____/____

Customer Information:

Name: ____________________________________
Address: _________________________________
City: __________________________
State: _________________________
Zip Code: ______________________

Contact Phone Number __________________________
Email Address __________________________________
Preferred Method of Contact (Check One) : By Phone____ By Email____

Phone Information

Carrier you use phone with (Verizon, T-Mobile, etc..): _______________________________
Unlocked (accepts any SIM): Yes _______ No: ___________

ESN/IMEI: ____________________________
Model: ______________________
Password or Lock Code on Phone: ____________________
OK to Erase Data (only if we need to) YES _____ NO ______

Repair/Unlock Information

(Please Check All That Apply From the Following)
Unlock :____ Repair:____
Check All Problems Experienced
Problem Check Problem Check Problem Check
Not Charging . Not Powering On . Liquid Damage .
Bad Mic . Bad Loud Speaker . Bad Earpiece .
Bad Camera . Bad Keypad . Broken Lens/LCD .

Additional Comments : ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________
*Repairing Liquid damaged phones requires extensive cleaning with chemicals. When circuit boards experience liquid damage, and corrosion eats at the components, cleaning the corrosion may cause more circuit damage and there might be a slight chance that the phone may not work properly after this process. I understand this risk and understand that The Cell Specialists cannot be held responsible for any phone that may not function properly after Liquid damage repair.
** We will not be responsible for loss of data

NOTE: There is a $10 flat rate return shipping and handling fee on ALL repairs even if we cannot repair your handset. We do NOT charge a minimum fee as do other repair shops.

Signature: X_____________________________________


REP: ___________________ TECH REP: __________